I realized something yesterday, which was something that I’ve had a lot of trouble accepting for a very long time. It is an assumption that I have forced myself to make, although I’m not sure why. Here is my conclusion:

It is not selfish to want. Nor is it selfish to say you want.

It’s simple, right? Not groundbreaking, not mind boggling, nothing like that. But it is for me. For the longest time, if two people wanted something, I would be the one to bow out. Sure – you can have that apple. Or that job. Or that spot in line. Because it seems like you want it more. Or maybe you deserve it more. But I shouldn’t want it because you want it and so I’ll give it up.

But that’s not the case. That’s not me. I don’t HAVE to back out of wanting things. I don’t HAVE to give up on fighting for things. And while I don’t necessarily agree 100 percent with this statement, if you want something, you’ll fight for it. I don’t think fighting for something needs to be a stipulation, but I have found something I’m willing to fight for, and I will do so as much and as long as it takes. Because it’s worth it. Sometimes it’s worth risking everything for to get everything.

And that’s. Not. Selfish.



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3 responses to “Wanting

  1. tigrosupremo

    Welcome to the American dream 🙂

  2. You could not be more factual!!!

  3. Thank god some bloggers can still write. Thank you for this piece of writing!

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